When to service your crane

Cranes are very expensive pieces of machinery and can cost a lot to repair if things go wrong. They also can be very dangerous if they are not maintained regularly and serviced. Regularly servicing your cranes helps you keep an eye on the general condition of your equipment and enables you to repair and upkeep them which can avoid a complete breakdown costing thousands of pounds.

But how often do you actually need to service your cranes?

LOLER regulations specify “a program of regular inspections and thorough examinations by a competent person”. But LOLER does not specify crane service frequencies and instead guides that is down to each manufacturer to determine, for each model.

So there is no set in stone frequencies at which you need to service your equipment you must follow the guides set by each manufacturer as a basic rule you should be servicing your cranes either every 6 months for equipment that lift people and every 12 months for equipment that lift goods only.

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