Every industry must or one point will have to use this material handling equipment. This is not because they are cheap, no its because they make work easy. They can be used in production, delivery and even product manufacturing. Deciding on which equipment to use is difficult for there a number of them available in the market. In this article, it’s going to highlight some of the most commonly used equipment. It’s going to focus on helping you choose the right product for your business.

This equipment includes:

1. Pallet Jacks

ThisĀ  equipment is sentential if you are running a warehouse. This equipment is used to lift and move pallets around the warehouse. it can be used to load products or deliveries. Without these then the company will have to employ many workers who will load and offload one pallet a time, this will no\t only waste a lot of time but resources too.

2. Conveyor belts

These are used to transport a large number of goods over long distances or through numerous checkpoints. They can also transport parked or parts of products throughout the production process. The best thing about all these conveyor belts is that they can be used in a vertical position or horizontally.

3. Side Loaders

A side loader can be used to move lager and heavy materials or even other equipment around. This is similar to a fork lifter the difference is how they load products. Just as the name suggests, it loads from the sides.

4. Automatic guided machines/vehicles

These are machines that are used to transport a large number of products in a factory. These machines use programmable markers that must be located in the factory. The markers can be in the form of wires, magnets, and lasers to guide them on the factory routes.

5. The hand trucks

These are sometimes called the box carts or dollies. they help workers in moving products across the factory floor. They can be used in loading as well as offloading. They are effective in moving a single delivery but for many or large deliveries then the conveyor belt is suitable.

6. The stacking frames

These are similar to racks for they are used for storage too. The difference between these two types of equipment is that stacking frames use an interlocking system to connect to each other. The benefit is that this equipment is used to protect the load on them thus preventing them from being crushed. Another importance of using this is that they maximize the use of space thus saving on space.

We did have to narrow these options down, but of course there are plenty of other types to consider, and we regularly look into different types of machinery on this blog, especially new innovations in the lifting sector. If you have some time, we’d love it if you told us your favourite type?