All lifting operations requiring lifting equipment must, according to the law, be carefully planned by a competent individual, appropriately supervised, and completed in a safe manner.

Slings and other lifting aids like cranes need to be strong enough, tested, and subject to the necessary examinations and inspections.

All crane operators, as well as those directly involved in lifting operations and slinging loads, must be qualified and trained.

Hoists, gin wheels, and cranes are some of the lifting equipment used.

The safe usage of cranes involves four factors.

Every lifting operation should be planned to be carried out safely while taking into account any known risks.

Lifting operations must be carefully planned in order to be completed safely. A safe system of work should be produced by your plan, and this information should be documented in the method statement.

For lifting activities, the appropriate level of supervision must be in place, and all cranes must undergo a comprehensive inspection in accordance with the law.