When it comes to heavy lifting, we should all ensure that it is being completed safely. This is when a chain sling 80 comes in extremely handy, making it a reliable lifting solution. But, let us delve deeper into this topic, focusing on what they are, how they work and the benefits they can bring your business.

What Are Chain Slings 80?

Let’s begin this article by discussing the basics, what is a chain sling 80? This is simple, it is a lifting sling that has been made with a metal chain to assist with heavy lifting. These can have multiple arms to allow them to lift higher weight amounts. The 80 stands relate to what it is made from. It means it will be more shock absorbent than lower graded lifting slings. It is recommended that you only use a grade 80 chain sling with matching grade 80 components or the benefits will not be fully relayed to you.

How Do They Work?

Next, you want to focus on how they work. These work in the same way as any other lifting sling you would use to assist with heavy lifting. A chain sling 80 is attached to hooks on the item or frame that needs lifting. This will then raise to lift the item, lowering to place it back down. Once placed back down you unclip the chain sling to allow it to be used on another item. Depending on the number of arms the chain sling has will depend upon its lifting capabilities. From one single arm all the way up to 4, these chain slings come in a variety for your business.

What Benefits Can They Bring?

Finally, when gaining a basic understanding of any piece of business equipment you want to see the benefits and how they are going to positively impact your business. So, let’s continue.

Increased Safety – When deciding to invest in chain sling 80, you are going to be increasing your safety. Heavy lifting is extremely dangerous and you should want to invest in equipment to help make it safer. This is something this product can help you with by taking the bulk of the weight for you.

Increased Productivity – You will also find that when investing in a chain sling 80 your business productivity increases. This piece of equipment does allow you to have higher lifting capabilities, simply meaning you are able to lift more in a time period than before, allowing your business to become more productive.

Multiple Uses – Finally, it is important to note that chain slings 80 have multiple uses. Whilst they are commonly used for lifting, they can be used for more than that. They have the ability to be used to balance the load ready for lifting. Controlling the load from below by using them more as a rope, and landing the load.

Chain sling 80 is one of the most reliable lifting solutions you can invest in for your business. With all of the benefits they bring to your business, it is not an item you are going to be disappointed with.