An Overview of Crane Aviation Lighting Systems

Cranes are big structures, and as such require the right industrial lighting systems so that they can be easily seen. A crane without lights is next to invisible against the night sky, which is an extreme danger to aircraft and other moving cranes near by.

Crane lighting systems come under the aviation lighting category. Not to be confused with standard lighting designed to illuminate a lifting area, crane aviation lighting is designed so that aircraft can easily spot a tall crane from several miles away.

Crane lights are usually LED and be additionally solar-powered if the application suits it. LED lights are available various colours, common colours used are often red or white, and set in a flashing or steady configuration.

In recent history,  incandescent bulbs were used to meet aviation warning light requirements. However these used large amounts of energy and needed to be regularly maintained, so a general switch to LED technology was made.

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The Advantages Of Crane Parts Modernisation

Crane parts modernisation is the process of improving an existing crane, by adapting, or modernising its existing parts so that it functions more effectively. This can be a much more financially viable way for a construction company to increase its productivity, instead of investing in a completely new crane model.

Modernising a crane is not only financially effective, but it will also reduce the downtime as well as the running costs of an existing crane. Through parts modernisation,  high-maintenance and/or obsolete components are replaced with new parts manufactured to today’s tolerances and standards of performance.

It also increases the safety of a crane since older parts can be unreliable and are prone to failure. Parts modernisation enhances safety by replacing these parts with reliable new components.

Beyond the scope of a Parts or Component Modernization, you might be in need of a complete crane modernisation.  A crane modernisation involves increasing the lifting capacity, speed or span of the crane.

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Increasing The Lifespan Of A Crane

A crane is an engineering tool that sees a great deal of physical strain and wear. While a crane is naturally built and designed to withstand this wear, like most things, it will eventually reach a point where it needs some kind of reinforcement to continue functioning.

One method of tackling this issue of wear is to add performance parts to an existing crane. Performance parts are specially engineered and designed replacement parts, that meet or surpass the OEM requirements of the original crane.

Typical performance improvements can include changes to the material, design and manufacturing process that improve the effectiveness and even the overall life span of the part. These enhancements may be applied to the entire assembly, enabling the crane to run more efficiently while extending the life of the crane.

Performance parts should be seen and used as a way of improving an existing crane. While a crane with performance parts installed is effective, it is sometimes unnecessary when the existing crane is already functioning effectively.

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