A Brief Guide To Forklift Drum Lifter

A 55-gallon steel drum usually weighs an estimated 44 pounds when it has nothing in it. When filled with oil or another substance, the weight tends to increase up to 500 pounds or even higher. Undoubtedly, that’s far too bulky to be transported by workers using a piece of manual equipment like a hand truck.

With a forklift drum attachment, however, you can lift a full 55-gallon container and transport it to the location it belongs easily and quickly. What’s more, different kinds of forklift drum attachments can be useful in various tasks.

Simplifies the Process of Lifting Heavy Drums

Typically, a drum lifter makes use of a clamp to connect with the drum’s top. Also, the clamp has a sheath attachment, which fits perfectly over the prongs of the forklift, reinforcing the base of the drum and allowing enough lift to move the heavy drum. Usually, standard forklift drum lifters are either available in single-drum or double-drum options.
To release a particular clamp forklift drum lifter, all you have to do is to lower that drum to the ground, then reverse the forklift. Furthermore, clamp forklift drum lifters are available in single and double drum models.

Offering Extra Security

When additional security is required, the third version of the forklift drum lifter is accompanied with a clamp that you can seal all through the drum by using an eccentric lock. Also, a second safety catch assists in insuring against accidental release. However, unlike the other kinds of forklift drum lifters, the model needs the operator to exit the specific car and unsecure the safety lock.

Generally, lifting drums isn’t the only task that can be carried out by a forklift drum lifter. A few models are specifically made to rotate the drum vertically either entirely or partially. It helps tip a drum to remove its contents.

Lifting Less Durable Plastic Drums

It’s is a necessity to incorporate specialized forklift drum lifters whenever plastic barrels are being used. Mostly, these involve optional cradles that can easily be attached to existing forklift drum lifters such that there is no damage caused to the less durable plastic barrel. Most cradles are accompanied by an optional chain combination belly strap that assists in holding the barrel or drum firmly in position.

In short, forklift drum lifters can make the tedious task of moving bulky 55-gallon drums much easier and even more efficient while minimizing the risk of worker accidents or injury.

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